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The canvas element is a newly introduced element and is a part of HTML5. It allows dynamic scripting and rendering of 2D shapes and bitmap images.

Canvas actually is like a drawing board on which you can draw something. It will have a height and width. Now, you might have a question, “how do I write on it?

Well, the answer is very simple. 
You can write your JavaScript code and your code will have access to the entire canvas region. You can use a full set of drawing functions provided similar to any other API’S which provides 2D drawing functions. You can build Graphs, animations, games and image compositions.

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Free online:  Eloquent Javascript

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Pluralsight Tutorials (paid membership)

Excellent  overview of Javascript Metro Apps

HTML5, JavaScript, and Windows 8 Metro Talk Slides from DevConnections Las Vegas

I had a great time at DevConnections Las Vegas this year and really enjoyed hanging out with existing friends as well as making some new friends. Thanks to everyone who attended my workshop and sessions. The slides from the different sessions are available to download below (click an image).



Lightweight data interchange format for javascript

@@Training Video

From a good paid site training introduction

JavaScript FundamentalsLiam McLennanBeginner[02:53:09]01/25/2011


Windows 8
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Metro User Interface

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